In her counseling practice, Patricia provides the sacred space and guidance her clients need to feel empowered about finding and following their unique holistic and integrated path to healing. Patricia leads with the belief that every human deserves the right to find wholeness, true happiness, health, and well-being.
Patricia is a dually licensed mental health counselor who also understands that mental health is only one key component of this much larger puzzle we call life. She believes that true and holistic healing must encompass more than just traditional therapy, and is committed to helping clients gain powerful insights into their overall well-being, finding the resources they need to thrive emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and physically.

With that in mind, she offers a variety of services including individual and couple/family therapy sessions, Qi Gong and Medical Qi Gong sessions, Qi Gong Instruction, and a variety of small group practices and workshops that facilitate wholeness and health.
Patricia is passionate about working with clients who are ready to do the work, to sow seeds of healing today that will empower them to flourish in the future – and to ultimately live a life in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Some clients may be recovering from grief, trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, and addictions. Others may want to dream bigger, fully enjoy their relationships, feel more confident about bringing their gifts to the world or live a happier, more harmonious life.

In addition to her own services, Patricia has built a strong network of synergistic and complementary practitioners and resources her clients can benefit from.
Patricia Pace Counseling in Raleigh, NC
TeleHealth and Office sessions available
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